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  • What we really possess is only today, so cherish it. My dear. Reply
  • Industry keeps knowledge active! Reply
  • OK,past is past. Let us have a new start! Welcome back....  Reply
  • But where is my previous blog?  Who can help me ?  Reply
  • I came back!!!   How are you doing? my good friend  Reply
  • Real Nameqianwen
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1992 - 4 - 13
  • Birthplace江西 九江
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qianwen 2022-3-15 22:26
Hi,I’m back. I have been away this space for seven years . I’m so happy to come back today. You know it’s not very easy to get the passwords.
COLMAN 2014-10-16 08:59
From your picture ,i think you are my little sister who is a student at university of JiuJiang . but when i open your QQ for more detail ,i find you are not..nice to meet you
sedgehead 2014-6-1 04:16
qianwen: hey, I come back?Do you remember me ?  my first foreign friend
I've not been on Dioenglish since I came to China on April 23.  I return home on June 4.  I hope you are doing well!
zolin 2014-5-15 17:31
qianwen: hey, how's everything going?
long time no chat
im doing good
how abt u?
jumper 2014-4-28 01:10
qianwen: Are you in Xiamen,aren't you? I love that city
I study in Xiamen  before. now I'm at home in xianyou.
touringchina 2012-4-10 15:20
zolin 2011-7-2 12:39
hi beauty :)
littlegrass 2010-7-7 16:01
qianwen: Nice to meet you too.
I wish we could be good friends.
I feel very honorable to be good friends with you. But Why can't be added?
littlegrass 2010-6-19 17:49
Hi! Nice to meet your here, and have a good day!
SARA.LEE 2010-6-6 19:46
qianwen: hey,my friend ,I came back.How's going?
good to hear from you,i am very busy lately,how about you?
bluebird 2010-2-13 16:45
qianwen: Hi,your name is interesting.
What's the meaning of blue bird?
In Chinese and Western tales, the blue bird (青鸟) is the messenger of Heaven and can bring happiness.
sedgehead 2010-2-12 21:55
qianwen : Hi,nice to meet you. Are you a foreigner?Welcome to china.Could I be your friend? Howdy!  I'm glad to meet you too.  I'm not a foreigner; at least I don't feel like one!  I live in the USA and haven't been farther than Mexico.  HA!  So, why would I be a foreigner?  Of course, I'm teasing you.  Thank your for your invitation.  See for the ... ...
850213 2009-12-25 11:47
850213 2009-12-8 13:53
so beautiful
vivian_lee 2009-12-6 00:08
a sweet girl~
longyuelan 2009-11-2 22:12
nice to meet you ,young girl
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