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  • Hold you head high when you walk through the storm or you can't see what is ahead. Have hope. In your hours of darkness, there will always be a light that shines on you. You will never walk alone. Reply
  • Real NameSunnyv
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday2 - 1
  • Finding ...I am British from England (Cannot read Chinese)
  • Blood TypeO

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Duanwu - Dragon Boat Festival 2016-06-09
I remember well our teacher in primary school told us the story about Dragon Boat Festival.  The story of Duanwu or Dragon ...
(1251) Views|(6) Replies
MOTHER'S DAY 8-5-2016 2016-05-07
International Mother's Day is coming.  This day is celebrated all around the world.  Take this chance to show your care for your mother w ...
(1168) Views|(6) Replies
Is appearance important? 2016-03-21
Recently there has been some public discussions about appearance. The consensus seems to be that it is better to be tall and slim, while those who ...
(3020) Views|(26) Replies
Leftover - Valentine's Day 2016-02-14
Valentine's Day and I am spending the day by myself. I have to admit that I am a ''leftover'' guy. The food at the stores are not fresh so ...
(1447) Views|(19) Replies
New Year Home visit - East or West home is the best 2016-01-28
- This is the time of the year when most people return to visit parents and relatives back at hometown. After working far from home for a ...
(1651) Views|(8) Replies

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jeniffer 2019-2-4 17:05
happy new year
possible 2017-12-8 09:37
My friend, you disappear.
xbee 2016-10-4 14:42
Haven't seen you at all lately. I miss you
sweetapple 2016-6-23 10:52
sunnyv: That is grammatically incorrect. Perhaps you can use ''Striving for a better version of me'', ''Striving to be a better person'' or ''Personal enhance ...
Ok, I see. Thanks a million.
sweetapple 2016-6-22 22:51
I am preparing a speech, the whole content is focused on" I want to become a better person". I don't know whether it's suitable to use "Be your personal best" as the topic and if it caters to a foreign's language habit. Is there some problem in the grammer?  I hope you can give me some advice.
Juliezhang 2016-5-18 19:30
sunnyv: Possibly something wrong with your picture. Choose another picture  and ensure that it is in ''jpg'' format.
ok.I will try it out,thank you
Juliezhang 2016-5-17 21:15
hi, I know you are a  frequenter on this website, may I you some questions, how can I upload my avatar ,the picture I choose can not be uploaded. Do you know the reasons and how to solve it.thank youvery much.
freefu55 2016-3-31 16:11
sunnyv: Hi, Your postings and writings are good enough. Further upgrade would be journalism or proficiency level for which you would have to enroll at a suita ...
Thank you for your kind reminding. I am moving by your words.
freefu55 2016-3-31 15:45
Hi dear friend, could you please give me some advices of how to write my postings well? Becuase this time I want it to be a book.
Thank you so much.
freefu55 2016-3-8 20:09
I appreciate for your encouragment for those time, thank you.
snowflying 2016-3-3 15:19
how about you,my friend?
teadrinking 2015-12-6 20:15
sunnyv: Allow me to suggest better ways of writing - After Snow:
I opened eyes = I woke
Fellows = Playmates

Otherwise, everything is fine.
Hey, thank you very much. You have done pretty much well for providing me with good tips.
Wendysuisgreat 2015-3-22 20:50
Hi Sunnyv, there is no problem for me to send you with my phone number, 18877328358. Hope you could have a Wechat account  as well. I'm mostly free in evenings. How about you? What do you do at the moment in Hongkong? I guess it must be a high brow one. Is it?
Wendysuisgreat 2015-3-21 12:01
sunnyv: Hey Hi Wendy. It would certainly be nice to talk to you because we are fond of UK and like travelling the world. The problem is that I can't read Chin ...
Hi Sunnyv, have you got a Wechat account already? It has got an English version, if you can't read Chinese. You can just take your time to download this software which might be a bit help for chat with others.
freefu55 2015-3-18 15:58
Hello my friend. I do hope you can add my WeChat freefu55 . Then you can communicating those who like English and talk about life. Your friend.
sunnyv 2015-3-16 21:48
You have rewrite it out correctly. Good. Write more and you would be better. Don't worry, you are OK.
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