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Fried shrimps 2020-07-26
I bought some fresh small shrimps from Best Town. They are bigger than dried shrimps but much smaller than full sized shrimps. Many of them were alive and the flesh looked transparent. Twenty five Yuan a jin. I bought a portion of shrimps at the price of 20 Yuan. I took more than half ...
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Chapter 39 A mellow watermelon 2020-07-20
The next day Sophie waited for the editor very early at the East Gate. Here finally appeared in her vision a mature woman full of vigor and professional knowledge. Just as what was told in the phone, she was in a brown dress, her hair very long and holding a green folder.  Sophie ran ...
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Chapter 38 Manuscript 2020-07-18
THE days afterward Sophie was busily writing and posting her novel. When she was free, she preferred to sit for a time all alone at the bank of the lake. She was leaning beside the railings looking at the lake water ruffled by the breeze one afternoon, when the beauty all about her reminded her o ...
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Chapter 37 A gift 2020-07-17
Time flied. Two months passed quickly. Tomorrow there would be the last lesson Professor Hu gave them. In the evening no sleep came to her.  In the darkness she could only hear the tick of the clock. She wanted to cry loudly.  For a whole night Sophie stayed wide awak ...
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Chapter 36 A smile 2020-07-15
AT the beginning of term Sophie ran to school happily. This time she had brought a great pile of new manuscripts to share with her professor. However, in the first Intensive Reading Class, it was Professor Li, instead of Professor Hu who met them. Professor Li told the class that Professor Hu had ...
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Chapter 35 Dreams and future 2020-07-14
It gave Sophie very uncomfortable dreams on Sunday morning. She dreamed about running in freedom on the mountaintop in the morning sunshine. She was in great joy. Suddenly a great paper crane soared nearby. It swooped down beside Sophie. Burnt with curiosity, Sophie sat on the crane. All of a sud ...
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Chapter 34 Hesitation 2020-07-13
It was not until Sophie attended the Graduate School Application Meeting when she realized that the winter of her junior year was a cold season not so easy to endure. In the meeting held by the English Department, the former students kept telling the advantage of taking part of the exams and the ...
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Chapter 33 Butterfly bow 2020-07-12
HAVING experienced the baptism of the Eloquence Class, Sophie lead the life of the elegant plum flower in the poem. She faced her own problems with great courage. She revised her p textbook very carefully, preparing to take the exam again. In her spare time she kept on writing. To modify her nove ...
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Chapter 32 A plum 2020-07-10
She felt so suffocated that she locked the door and wandered aimlessly on the campus. It was getting dark and many students on Big Bell Road drove their bikes very rapidly to get to their classes before the bell rang. For this pace of life, Sophie was already very dumb. She felt very tired. She o ...
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Chapter 31 Twist 2020-07-10
The fourth Thursday was followed by troubles. At noon as soon as Sophie returned to the dorm, she heard Linda exclaiming: “Sophie, you did not pass the p class. Go and have a look!” This news had struck Sophie dumb. It took her some minutes to compose herself.  “How did yo ...
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Chapter 30 A fortunate escape 2020-07-09
On the third Thursday of the Eloquence Class there was an incident. However, Sophie had a fortunate escape. It was like this: The professor asked two guys sitting in the front row to give lectures, and when it was time for the professor to give scores, he could not find their names on the name li ...
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My wig 2020-07-09
Whenever I had to dye my hair, I hesitated. Somewhat allergic. I hate the odor yet I have to apply toxic substance on my hair. My sculp was not at ease. And why shall I always spend money and dye my hair, just to please others? Now I bought a wig. And that settles it. It cost 230 Yuan and ...
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Chapter 29 Eloquence class 2020-07-06
The next Thursday evening Sophie could not help to “steal” Professor Yue’s class a second time. This time the professor talked about the skill of improvising a lecture. The professor emphasized wide-ranged knowledge and suggested them to read some philosophy books after class, and they should ...
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Chapter 28 A new class 2020-07-05
Junior year THIS term Sophie was not so lucky. She failed to select her favorite classes, and she was not very fond of the class she must have everyday. She most regretted having selected Professor Chen’ s class: American Culture and Values. There were only three students in his class. Mr. ...
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Sophie wrote her novels 2020-07-05
At the end of this term Sophie was the most proud of herself. The help of her professors and her own effort seemed to lead to the most delightful success: she got the top mark in the Intensive English Reading Exam, a full mark in the Opera Class, and Grade A in the Band Four Exam. Interestingl ...
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Chapter 26 The performance 2020-07-03
At night, from the night talk, Sophie got the latest information of how everything was going on in each class. Lucy spoke high of Class 1’ s new ideas:Modern Sleeping Beauty. When the roommates heard this topic, they felt fresh, and asked for the details. But Lucy said it was a class secret, and ...
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Chapter 25 Betty's voice 2020-07-01
A week latter the professor wanted to see how the performance was going on, so the class wanted to act it out for the professor on the balcony. Before they left they asked Sophie to go with them, but Sophie rejected on the pretext that her part was very trivial, and nothing important. It would be ...
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Chapter 24 The girls were composing splendid works 2020-07-01
AFTER Band Four Exam, the professor said there would be an Opera Class for the rest of the term. Each class in English Department shall plot an English Opera and act it publicly in the Eastern Art Department, when students and professors all over the school would come and watch them. Professor ...
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Chapter 23 A classical movie 2020-06-29
The next evening Linda did not return till the light was extinguished. The room was very dark and they could not see her expressions clearly. However, everyone knew she had passed a shocking day. And it was true. Linda said she could not help to go and look for Chen Lei in the early morning. They ...
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Chapter 22 A volcano erupted 2020-06-29
If Lily’ s love was a stream, clear and mild, then Linda’ s was a volcano.  Before the volcano exploded she was ignorant, until one day—— Sophie returned to see Linda sobbing despairingly, while others looked very angry. At first, Sophie thought she missed home again. But ...
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Aurasolar 2020-5-29 18:03
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Reading renaissance history

Gothic style, is medieval architecture style, with pointed arches and high walls...
  • Read a book on early education Based Montessori's theory, babies aged 2 are instinctively orgainzed. They would put back a bowl that is not in the right place. But why don't I do the chores each day?[ ... Reply
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