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I had enough 2024-04-16
I live for freedom, I don't compare myself with anyone else, for I have a dream.
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Diary 1 2024-02-16
After long days of the winter coldness, it is so pleasant that the warm spring is coming with another beginning of everything. I have to say nature is ...
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Where the heart grows, where the road goes 2023-11-08
As it is for me, today is really a bad day. I spend a lot of money to play games which is gambling in essence and I swear I won't do it again, no, nev ...
(147) Views|(0) Replies
What to Say When I come back here again? 2023-10-29
Too long since I left here. Also, too many pages writing I have posted here. I am a person with huge energic passion, when I fix a goal, I will t ...
(276) Views|(1) Replies
To start all over again 2020-04-08
At a time I realise that write is a good way to express oneself, and with this good habit one can perform well than others do in comnunicating, so why ...
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wangjide01 2019-7-12 15:11
freefu55: Is the picture you?
Yes,  A drawing maybe more handsome than photo   .
sunnyv 2016-3-31 16:05
freefu55 : Hi dear friend, could you please give me some advices of how to write my postings well? Becuase this time I want it to be a book. Thank you so much. Hi, Your postings and writings are good enough. Further upgrade would be journalism or proficiency level for which you would have to enroll at a suitable English language proficiency school. You do not need to have such a high level of English. It would also take a long of time, expense and hard study, so use your time on more ... ...
Tange 2015-3-18 21:09
freefu55: Hello my friend. Please add my WeChat freefu55 . Then you can communicating with nice guys. Your friend.
as your wishes , i added  you by your strong force .
sunnyv 2014-10-14 12:25
freefu55: Hello my dear friend. Hope you can download qq and join the group 316605926, created by me, thank you. Your good friend, freefu. Hope you are good, an ...
Unfortunately QQ does not work on my computer. Everytime I start QQ, my computer hangs. Same thing with my friends. I will try to find out what is wrong and hope it works later. Thanks anyway.
sedgehead 2014-10-14 10:36
freefu55: Hello my dear teacher. Hope you can join the qq group 316605926, created by me, thank you. You can communicate with us Chinese friends. Your good frie ...
To get me to join a group, send me an invitation.  My QQ is 2563613199.  I've not been on DioE for several weeks until now.
Tange 2014-9-27 22:27
freefu55: Hello my friend. Keeping writing or commenting. haha...
i lose my passion recently ... so my words is limited .
sunnyv 2014-8-13 19:48
freefu55: So strange, what happened, you didn't leave comments on them.
I am angry that Dioenlgish broke down and lost my messages.
Su_安琪 2014-8-6 16:26
hello,my new friend,this my first time to write the message to somebody's blog.So,you know ,it is exciting for me.
Tange 2014-7-11 20:37
freefu55: Hello my friend, how are you doing?
actually , i am not good in recently ;
i got ill since June  3rd .
sunnyv 2014-5-20 16:04
freefu55 : Actually, I am hurt by other people's words. They laugh at my writing, saying there are many mistakes, but didn't point it out. I was just feeling bad ... Who the hell dare to do that to you. So what if there are mistakes? I make written mistakes too, so?? Just ignore them. There would always some idiots crossing your paths to success. I can help you shoot those guys out of the sky, by pointing out their mistakes, if you desire. Tit for Tat, you know. ...
sunnyv 2014-5-20 15:29
freefu55: Help me, help me, help me. Please, please, please!
Wow, what happened my friend? You're ok?
lyrebird06 2013-12-12 19:10
freefu55: Hey my friend. Why didn't you keep your writing?
Internet is a two-blade tool. It provides a opening place for peoples to express their own idesa, opnions and so on. But it also make one more openly exposed to the public. No privacy.
sunnyv 2013-11-4 20:51
freefu55: Hey friend. Hope you had a great day.
Same to you my friend. Winter is on the horizon. Keep warm.
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