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  • I am back again. Reply
  • Hi. Winter. December. And I think Santa Claus is the earliest delivery. Reply
  • Eventually, i log into this blog web by PC, my passionate gonna vanished, cuz of my damned imac, which is needed to launch up for one hours, what s the heck!!!!!, now i again to restart to meet u. Reply
  • feeling curious.  feeling confuzzing. why when i start to blog something here.  and the PC launch like retarded snail? Reply
  • I wondered  why cant dioenglish develop an App?   Reply
  • Real NameStevenLoong
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1988 - 8 - 26
  • HoroscopeVirgo
  • Birthplace四川 绵阳
  • Residence西藏 昌都
  • Relationshipin a relationship
  • Blood TypeA
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okay. something to be countinued..... 2017-10-29
When i updated my facebook, i suddenly reminded of my blognet, ok, here. a place for calming my minds and ideas. let me do any words innovatively,on ...
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after many day i come back again 2016-10-28
after many days, i come back。 i learnt it is kinda a trend, all guys has been addicted to weibo, news, and music.  cuz we live i ...
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after many day i come back again 2016-10-28
after many days, i come back there is a trend, all guys are addicted to weibo, news, and music.  not popular my blog turns ...
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everybody love CrystalHo 10 2016-01-27
Julia; and here is catriona s house, dont disturb her, cuz she is fussy, like something in her name. cat. cold blooded as cats. this is my wor ...
(1198) Views|(0) Replies
everyone love crystal crystal ho 9 2016-01-17
julia; see, what i predict, we meet again  ho;ya,  julia, have you found your uncle,  ho;oh,my uncle, my uncle ...
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sedgehead 2015-1-14 06:59
loong: do you have facebook, if you had, you can request me: my ID.
I am "sedgehead" and "Philip Hyatt" on Facebook.
sedgehead 2014-12-23 03:00
loong: I see many replies here as you suddenly disappeared. Ours heart here turn to void. When will you come out for enriching ours thought  and perspectives ...
I wrote a long reply, but DioE would not post it and I could not retrieve it.  More later!  Too busy today!
sedgehead 2014-12-23 02:59
loong : I see many replies here as you suddenly disappeared. Ours heart here turn to void. When will you come out for enriching ours thought  and perspectives ... Life stays busy!  I'm still around and very busy today (see new blog).  I Also write in Chinese at   Several things have happened.  We decided to rent out our guest house.  I officially retired, but still work full time.  My son is in C ... ...
2amlittle 2014-11-5 11:33
loong: Hi i step here
Hi, Welcome to my Space
sunnyv 2014-7-10 10:59
loong : Before this time. I enjoy twitter or Facebook. Maybe it's a trend. I feel so bored and concern about the click or visit. Now I turn back. I start to b ... Hey Steven Loong. Happy to hear that. I enjoy sharing with friends here. It is like talking to good friends. Sometimes it is nice to know that I am actually helping them overcome problems in daily life and English knowledge. We also like to read the things you write about too. Your blog about fear of losing your mother is to touchi ... ...
sunnyv 2013-11-24 22:53
loong : Thank u. Sir. The second time I am here. And u comment a lot and give some special views that I can't give myself.  U r such a something.  Omnipotent. ... Hi Loong. You of one of our trusted friends here at Dioenglish. The things you write touches on our daily life, so it is a worthwhile to read your comments and a pleasure for me to respond to. You can write quite well to, so do write here regularly. I have a busy business to run, therefore, reading time is limit ... ...
sunnyv 2013-11-6 14:18
loong: Thanks for ur visiting. I think you are kind of talent one. U express ur idea truthfully. Faithfully. This is one time to land in ur blog. To absorb u ...
Hey Loong. Thanks for your nice words. You are also one of the faithful members of Dioenglish. Some of your blogs are interesting, Keep writing.
lyrebird06 2012-6-24 21:36
loong: I am learning French. For hobby. I hope u can tell me more methods. I once downloaded French apps into iPhone. But it is too hard.
I am struggling with a effective learning method. Maybe I am not a right person who provides you with good methods. As a result no short path to go for learning language. Listen,read, speak and write more.
lisy 2012-4-29 19:37
loong: Hi.  Dainty girl.
possible 2012-1-10 10:43
liudan89 2011-12-24 15:24
IMNONARCISSUS 2011-12-5 17:35
The pictures in your blog are great!
bigcat 2011-10-29 16:55
异物 2011-10-7 12:41
loong: hola, you are Xman, and looked down on Chinese elementary education/
Hi loong, I am unfortunately not an Xman, and it breaks my heart, and I have no interest in elementary education as of my age.
Jessico 2011-9-3 22:09
loong: i have already read your tasteful article, which left a deep impression on my mind, you are considerably modest, i admired your positive lifestyle, as
Tks for ur compliment. Although pressure exists in our daily life, we should keep a positive attitude. Life is mastered at our own hand. Wish u also enjoy the essence of life.
yaping 2011-8-7 16:57
Ur hometown is so nice! someday i will pay a visit to ur hometown!
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